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Want to Join our CoD 4 Clan?. Click on above image to give your application at our Clan Facebook group.


Recruiting is open for h4x Normal Tag & Zombie Tag.To join clan you should have facebook account and have to apply on our clan facebook page here
For CoD 2 Normal Clan Tag:- Click Here to Apply             ^^00<h4x>^^33&&1^^11<Name>

For CoD 2 Zombies Clan Tag:- Click Here to Apply           ^^00=|h4x|=^^11Name

For CoD 4  Clan Tag:- Click Here to Apply           ^3{h4x}^2Name

Only those Players application are accepted who play regularly on our server. we do not accept the applications of players who just came to get our Clan tag only and did not play on our servers. To apply for clan tag you should at least have 25 Hours of play on =|h4x|+ Servers.A player must follow the Severs rules .You can read Server rules here.

Click Here to Read Server Rules