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Ban LMGs 5 years 2 months ago #7938

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I have a couple suggestions to make regarding your servers.

Instead of banning people for LMG camping, wouldn't be easier in the long run to just disable the gun class altogether? Because literally the only people who use them are going to camp in the back and spray, so locking the LMGs would just make things a lot easier for the admins to run the server without having to get bombarded with messages because some idiot is camping. If people complain, then that's because they lack the simple thought of picking up another gun and learning how to play the game that way, so by default, their opinions carry zero weight and shouldn't be acknowledged in a serious manner.

If the only reason why they still exist in the servers is because they're good for shooting down helicopters, then how about you guys nerf the health of the helis, so that they get shot down with two/three AR clips, like in the ZA servers. Because I'm tired of having to wait all game to call in my heli and the other team refuses to shoot down my team's heli. If you guys nerfed the health of the helicopters, it would make the pace in all the games a lot faster.
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